it’s just different

Transitioning from living in Costa Rica straight into family vacation in Florida was definitely a challenge. I did not know what to feel or how to deal. It was difficult to be the last intern out of seven to leave for home. I went from spending almost all of my free time with Breanne, Amy, Mark, John, Charlie, and Millsy (even Cailah and Dustin) to spending 24/7 with my parents while trying to transition to a different lifestyle, different food, different people, different morals, different interests, different financial status…. I went from working with people who may make $40 a week if they are lucky to my uncle treating me to a $30 dinner entrée in one night. I went from being around a lot of poverty to being around a lot of wealth. How do I reconcile that? As Jeff says, “It’s not better or worse. It’s just different.” I try to keep that in mind. Everyone has their place and purpose in society (with some injustice along the way usually) and because of that society continues to move. Businesses fluctuate, people come and go, etc. It is like the waves and tide of the ocean. Things change, new things come up and old things get washed away, but that shore is always a shore with water and land. Some people are the water, some are the land, and some are the debris tossed about. That is the way this life works. And all I can do about it is to love others anyway I know how.

Here are a few photos from Sarasota…. it feels good to be wielding my DSLR again.

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