Cyanotype and Other Adventures

So it’s finally time for an update about what is going on in the photo world. There was a snowstorm at the end of January that got some attention from my DSLR.

Check out ice dripping from a seed pod here.

Other adventures have included trying to muster up the courage to ask people to partake in my rather odd photo project… I am photographing shoe soles with color film, so it’ll be a while before those photos are posted. I take the photos of the person sitting down with their feet out in front of them and the image is focused on the bottom of the shoes. I am taking it both in landscape and portrait orientations to see which comes out better. This project may actually turn out rather neat. There is an endless arrangement debris and patterns on the bottom of people’s shoes. It’s actually fairly interesting.

Today in my Alternative Processes class, we finally started producing cyanotypes. I had some difficulty having the image stay on the paper once it goes through the wash.

Below is a failed attempt in my sketchbook to do a cyanotype (thus the patches of blue) and so instead I taped in the negative I was trying to use.

Below is the cyanotype that sort of came out pasted into my sketchbook.

This weekend, I will attempt to produce some more cyanotypes and take more photos of shoe soles. The weather is warming up and today I went out in short sleeves. It is lovely.

I always wonder if anyone actually reads my posts. I like it has a digital record of my explorations even if no one else views it. I also keep a couple of sketchbooks and a photo journal.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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